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Claim back your Foreclosure Surplus Funds with our well versed foreclosure retrieval services and Legal Counsel!

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Risk Free, No Obligation Contract:

At Valhalla Asset Recovery your first move towards the retrieval of your funds is risk-free and no upfront payment is required.

Assess Your Claim

We can accurately and confidentely  assess the amount of your foreclosure claim.

Recover Your Funds

You can begin the retrieval of your funds with a click of a button, a phone call, and a few signatures. We take care of the rest!

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Valhalla Asset Recovery Services

Valhalla Asset Recovery is a welcoming business where the employees are committed to bringing transformation into the lives of people. Here, we know the importance of your valuable asset and understand how unforeseen circumstances lead to financial crisis including the loss of your property.

Our Process

Step 1

After your house or the house of your relative has been foreclosed, our specialists identify the amount of overage that is available.

Step 2

We use public records, google records, government databases, and skip trace tools to identify you as the rightful claimant for surplus funds.

Step 3

After a free consultation, you sign an agreement which allows us to process the claim at no upfront or out-of-pocket cost to you.

Step 4

We locate and petition the institution where your funds are being held.

Step 5

And that's it! We disburse the funds as agreed upon within a few days of successful completion of the claim retrieval.

Our Process

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What Clients Say About Us

Very easy going and accommodating! Drove all the way out to Savannah, GA to make this doable for us.

Sarah Wentworth

This is a top-class company that definitely knows there way around this complicated process. Would recommend you give them a shot.

William Cross

Valhalla Recovery helped my family and I claim back funds from our foreclosure that we did not even know about!


They told us the best rate possible outright! Unlike other companies that were calling me fishing for our business to try and upcharge us... The team at Valhalla is very transparent and a great to work with.

Jung Yu